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Get your personalized KING SIZE WIDE with tips, high quality rolling papers and your unique design. It’s just the best way to roll.

KING SIZE /wide/ size 110×55 mm
ultra thin, slow burning, arabic gum

32 leaves in a BOOKLET
32 filter tips in a BOOKLET

Length = 110 mm
Width = 43 mm
Depth = 9 mm

All together insuring a perfect smoke!


From To Discount Booklet price
6 11 N/A 3.00€
12 23 10% 2.70€
24 47 13.3% 2.60€
48 95 20% 2.40€
96 191 30% 2.10€
192 383 40% 1.80€
384 * 50% 1.50€

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